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4 natural materials for healthy living

Embrace the natural world and enhance your living environment with these top 4 natural materials for a healthy home.

Bring biophilia home

Over the last few decades, the concept of biophilia has been embraced by both the scientific and design communities. Popularised by the biologist and writer E. O. Wilson, the term ‘biophilia' refers to our innate affinity with nature and living things.

It's that feeling of pure freedom you get when surrounded by nature. It's that sense of unbridled possibility you get when fresh air and sweeping vistas surround you.

1. Wool in every room

While we may be just a little biased (let's be honest, wool has our hearts), wool is an excellent fibre for any room in the house. It’s a natural option for insulation, carpets and rugs, curtains, or bedding.

Furnishing your home with wool will help you reduce indoor air pollution (What's the true cost of cheap synthetic furnishings?), minimise environmental impact, and add an element of timeless luxury.

2. Formaldehyde-free bamboo

Bamboo flooring contains less harmful chemicals than modern vinyl or treated timbers. It's less likely to warp than other wood floors and is surprisingly durable. Flooring can be a difficult decision to make, so dig a little deeper and ask for formaldehyde-free options. Other healthy flooring choices include low-VOC wool carpets or rugs (Choosing Healthy Building Materials), hardwood and natural rubber.

3. Entertain outdoors with help from hemp

When you need something hard wearing, consider trying hemp.

Through the ages, hemp was predominantly used to make utilitarian items such as fishing line or nets. In the modern world, it’s making its way into many other industries. Over the last decade, the hemp industry has been through somewhat of a renaissance with its commercial uses now covering everything from health food to furniture.

Just like wool, hemp goes easier on the environment. When you buy hemp, you won’t be unwittingly adding synthetic fibres (Microplastics from synthetic products are polluting our oceans) to our waterways or food supply.

Overall, hemp is a solid choice for outdoor furnishings. Moreover, it's not just for hippies; it can be woven, dyed, and styled to fit even the most contemporary of living environments.

4. Linen

Linen is a natural fabric made from flax. Its strength and absorbency make it ideal for tea towels or summer bedding. When you kick off your winter woollies and need little more than a modesty sheet, linen will be there for you.

Whether you’re moving house, renovating, or conducting a deep spring clean, now is the perfect time to start curating a naturally healthy home with help from wool, bamboo, hemp, and linen.

After all, nothing beats comfort.

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